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Five Critical Oral Care Tips For Smokers And Ex-Smokers

smoking-teethWe all know about the consequences of smoking. We read about it on the internet and hear from friends and family as well.

While we all know about smoking and its relation to lung diseases, not many people talk about the impact smoking has on our oral health.

Cigarettes contain nicotine that is highly addictive. It’s not easy to give up, and the effects are so adverse that even ex-smokers suffer from lingering side effects.

Therefore, it’s imperative that both smokers and ex-smokers take additional care of their mouth and teeth. With the right oral care, you can prevent your teeth from suffering further damage.

Here are some dental hygiene tips for both smokers and non-smokers:

Brush and Floss Regularly

People who smoke are prone to damage such as tooth loss, teeth stains, and various oral diseases. Therefore, smokers need to brush, floss, and clean their tongues using a tongue cleaner and mouthwash at least twice a day.

You must use a good quality toothbrush and make sure to brush in a proper manner. Merely brushing is not enough; you must make sure to do it right.

Use Toothbrushes For Smokers And Ex-Smokers

Toothbrushes play an important role in cleaning hard-to-reach areas in the mouth.

Smokers need to use a toothbrush that is flexible and can reach even the hidden areas of your mouth. This is important because substances can get stuck in these places, and you will need a good brush to get rid of the problem.

There are toothbrushes that are made solely for smokers. These include the Wisdom Addis Extra Hard toothbrush. Other than this, electric toothbrushes are also very effective.

Mouthwash For Bad Breath

It’s common for smokers and ex-smokers to have bad breath. Your best bet is to use a good quality mouthwash.

Shop carefully and buy mouthwashes that serve multiple purposes, such as Pearl Drops Smokers mouthwash. This not only kills bad breath but also helps you get rid of stains on your teeth.

However, if you have heavy stains, you may need professional treatment. Treatments like teeth whitening can help.

Regular Dental Visits

You must visit your dentist regularly to make sure your oral health is intact.

Smokers run a high risk of dental diseases, including serious issues such as oral cancer. You need to undergo screening to make sure your mouth is in tip-top shape.

In addition to this, your dentist can also help you stop smoking. They can motivate you and give you tips on how to stop smoking, and with the right care, you can more easily defeat this all-too-common problem.


Smokers and non-smokers both should look out for symptoms of bad oral health. Regularly check for red spots, sores and swelling around the lips. Bleeding gums and lumps are also a sign of bad oral health, and under such circumstances, one should immediately consult an oral expert.

If you need more tips, call Kirkland Family Dentistry at (425) 822-0435.

Dr. Benjamin Greene

Dr. Benjamin Greene

Dr. Greene has been providing high-quality dental care to Kirkland residents for over 25 years. The Kirkland area is Dr. Greene’s home. He grew up in Bellevue and graduated from the University of Washington before attending dental school in Cleveland, Ohio. He earned his D.D.S. at Case Western Reserve University and then returned to practice dentistry in Kirkland, where he has become part of the community.
Dr. Benjamin Greene

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